So You Want To Be Big And Strong…..Here’s How To Do It In a Few Weeks.

One of the most impressive looks on a well built person is how their muscles just appear to stand out. The reason they have this appearance is usually the amount of muscle that they carry.For anyone looking for this stand out look, they’re going to need to carry some muscle.While putting on muscle is no easy task it also is not as hard as believed. It just takes the right type of training and intensity. With the right type of training and intensity a person can put on a good amount of muscle in as little as six weeks. If putting on some good muscle in a few weeks is your goal keep reading.
Three Principles of Gaining Size

When trying to gain muscle, your plan should be based on three principles. The three principles are:

  • Type of Exercises
  • Intensity
  • Nutrition

When a person applies their focus to these principles making the size gains become a lot easier.Type of Exercises

Let’s start of by making one thing clear. If building size is you goal the exercises you use have to be geared towards that goal. Forget about body weight exercises and Pilates movements, you need monster exercises. If you want to be big and strong then you should utilize big and strong movements. Your training should be based around compound multi joint exercises.Compound multi joint exercises are exercises that involve a lot of muscle groups at once. A Deadlift would be an example of a multi joint exercise. It works the legs, butt, back, shoulders, abs, and traps all at once.


A person should base their training around four of the five listed multi joint exercises or some multi joint variant of that exercise:

  1. Barbell Squats
  2. Barbell Deadlifts
  3. Barbell Chest Press
  4. Barbell Shoulder Press
  5. Barbell Cleans




Size training is also about intensity. Going through the motions and “half assing” it when trying to build size is not going to get anyone to the gains they want. When training for size the intensity should be high. Training weights should be using weights going up to 80 or 90 percent of max effort of the five main lifts. Rep range should between  5-10 reps per set. Always remember though don’t sacrifice form for weight. Keep the intensity as high as possible without your form breaking down.

Artistic Deads


No article on building size would be complete without mentioning nutrition. A person will not be able to build good size without placing an emphasis on their nutrition. To build muscle requires calories and a good amount of them.Do not mistake this for a license to go out and eat tons of unhealthy food.A person needs a lot of food to build muscle, but food of a higher quality. A strong emphasis should be put on slightly fattier proteins, lots of veggies and healthy fats

.Tbone Steak

If building muscle is a person’s goal, focus on using multi joint exercises with high intensity. They should also make sure that their nutrition is designed to aid in muscle building. Their plans should include slightly higher fat proteins, lots of veggies and lots of healthy fats in their diet. If a person follows theses protocols they should see good results in a few weeks or so.

4 thoughts on “So You Want To Be Big And Strong…..Here’s How To Do It In a Few Weeks.

  1. Good solid information! Thank you. Unfortunately for me, I will always have nutritional deficits. I struggle to eat the equivalent of 3 eggs per day. Can I get enough protein from shakes? I guess I could sip on them all day and get enough…sounds


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