Three Types Of Foods You Should Be Eating To Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

breast-cancer-awarenessOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer is the number one cancer diagnosed in women. Breast Cancer is a cancer that effects not only women, but surprisingly a small percentage of men also. As research and technology gets more advanced more information has come out about the link between proper nutrition and the effects it has on Breast Cancer risk. Studies have found that some cancer risks are significantly reduced when some one eats a diet loaded with vitamins, minerals, and anti cancerous nutrients.  Studies have also shown that changes made to someones nutrition has also reduced their cancer risk. If you want to reduce your risk of Breast cancer and some other types of  cancers, you may be able to do it by making some simple dietary changes.  There are three types of foods that should be regular staples in your diet. The three types of foods are: .

  • Antioxidants-are foods  that scavenge the body for free radicals and prevent them from causing damage on healthy cells.
  • Anti-Inflammatory-are foods that fight the negative effects of inflammation in the body.
  • Anti-Estrogen-are foods that lower or block the effects of the hormone Estrogen in the body.

kidneyAntioxidant foods are foods that are high in vitamins and minerals that help protect the body from damage. Vitamin A, C, E, Copper, Zinc, and Selenium are antioxidant vitamins and minerals. If you really want to boost your antioxidant intake you should regularly consume foods like Kidney Beans , Red Peppers (Vitamin C), Carrots (Vitamin A), Almonds (Vitamin E), and Grass Fed Beef (Zinc).

Anti-Inflammatory foods are foods that are high in nutrients that combat the harmful effects of inflammation. When the body has too much of certain types of inflammation it can lead to chronic diseases, and some forms of cancer. There has been found a direct link between Estrogen, inflammation and Breast Cancer. salmon-knifeGood anti-inflammatory food to regularly have in your diet include Salmon (Omega 3 Fatty Acids), Walnuts (Omega 3 Fatty Acids), Chia Seeds (Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids),Turmeric (Circumin), and Green Leafy Vegetables (act as anti-inflammatory flavonoids).


Anti-Estrogen foods are foods that keep levels of the hormone Estrogen in check. While males and females both need some amounts of estrogen in their bodies, too much estrogen can create a whole host of negatives effect in the body. Research has shown a direct link between excessive amounts of estrogen in the body and breast cancer. Some of the best anti-estrogenic foods you can have in your diet are cruciferous  vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are all in the same vegetable family and exhibit anti-estrogen and anti-cancer properties. Some good cruciferous vegetables are Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussels Sprouts, and Cabbage.





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