The Medical Benefits Of Total Health

Let’s be honest, even the most novice of workout enthusiast understand that if you eat   right and exercise you will feel better. While that concept is relatively simple in theory, most people dont live by it. Americans are battling a rise in chronic disease every day.  Cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes are among some of the biggest and deadliest. Rapidly on the rise, obesity is one of the biggest problems facing Americans today. With obesity steadily rising each year, so are the medical costs of chronic diseases.* It is currently estimated that obesity cost over $340 billion dollars. The cost of being obese will quadruple over the next few years. To put it lightly, being fat is not going to be worth its weight in gold.
An Ounce of Prevention
One of the best ways to handle chronic disease is taking the steps to lower risk factors before they escalate.  Most chronic diseases have some measure of preventability. While heredity does play a role in some chronic disease cases, the biggest role is played by our health habits. The more we focus on total health, the more we lower our chronic disease risk. Currently the number one cause of bankruptcies in America is raising medical bills. Statistically it has already been proven that proper diet and exercise will reduce future medical conditions cost and risk.
The Aspect of Total Health
What is total health? Total Health is a concept that we base our “Total Wellness” programming on here at BodipHat. Total Health is developing the balance between Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset to make an optimally functioning healthy person. For us here total health is broken down in to two principle parts. The two principle parts are Specialized Exercise Science and Nutritional Biochemistry.
Specialized Exercise Science: Is the concept of taking exercise to make an individual more physically fit. Specialized Exercise Science is not about just being able to lift more weight or run faster, but about improving an individual all-around physically. With the concept of Specialized Exercise Science you become faster, stronger, more flexible and improve on your physical weaknesses.
Nutritional Biochemistry: Nutritional Biochemistry is the concept of using food to cause positive reactions to influence health. Nutritional Biochemistry uses the centuries old principle of food is our medicine. With better more wholesome foods, our state of being improves. The fact is most people do not eat optimally to acquire the vitamins and minerals they need. They load their body with processed foods and chemicals increasing their risk for chronic disease and health problems. Through the use of proper food ratio balancing and supplementation nutrition becomes your medicine.
What we’ve done with Chronic Disease Risks
Here at BodipHat we not only talk about what Total Health can do, we have proven it several times.
Here is a chart of one of our clients who had pre-diabetic risk and how our program helped regulate it.
When the client started, their insulin levels were way out of control.  The client was having trouble with simple everyday task because of trouble managing their insulin.
Her insulin was monitored twice a day. It was taken in the morning and late afternoon. As you can see when the client started with us, the insulin levels were in the 180’s to 200’s.  Through proper nutrition and diet, within two months the clients  insulin levels were in a healthy normal range . This was all done thru the Total Health concept. Not only was this done simply with nutrition and fitness but without the aide of  doctor prescribed medications. The client was offered insulin regulating medication from their doctor, and opted to go the natural way instead.
We also have had positive results in helping clients manage their cholesterol levels. Here is a letter from one of our client’s doctors, showing the improvements in their cholesterol levels. Again this was done thru nutrition and fitness and no prescribed medications.
The report clearly states that the client’s cholesterol level had improved directly related to their dietary changes. Again no medication was used, simply our Specialized Exercise Science and Nutritional Biochemistry.
We touched on the obesity problem a little earlier, and it is one of the more common chronic diseases we deal with at BodipHat. The main difference on how we handle obesity is our focus on actual body fat vs. weight. The biggest misconception is people tend to think you have to weight hundreds of pounds to be obese, when in fact obesity is more about an unhealthy amount of excess body fat. So while generally a person who weighs 500 lbs. is considered obese, a person who is 130 lbs. can also be obese depending on their body fat levels. Because at BodipHat the programs are structured to focus on slashing body fat the clients achieve a greater rate of long term success.
Everyday millions of Americans are affected in some way by chronic disease. Diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes are some of the deadliest and costly health problems to Americans. While billions are spent on health care each year a lot of the health issues are not being solved. One of the best ways to deal with some of these health issues is preventive measures. BodipHat uses what is called a Total Health Plan to help battle health issues and some of these chronic diseases.  The Total Health Plan incorporates Specialized Exercise Science and Nutritional Biochemisty to give a more well -rounded approach to health.  This approach is what places BodipHat in a category of their own when it comes to the health and fitness industry.


*Partnership To Fight Chronic Obesity

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