4 Easy Ways To Change Your Life In A Positive Direction In As Little Time As One Month

by Jarueba Taylor

When it comes to Total Body Wellness, its not just about being physically fit and eating right. One major component about wellness that is often overlooked is our outlook on life. When our outlook on life is off, it can lead to a lot of negatives in our life. These negatives can lead to things like stress, depression, anxiety, illness, and sometimes death. Today we are going to look at five simple things that you can do to have a more positive and happier life in as little as a month. Small changes can go a long way when they are done frequently and consistently. Here are a few simple changes that may provide some awesome benefits for you and your positive mindset.

Make an effort to eat better and take better care of yourself nutritionally.

“Food is life and life comes from food.” The most important thing you can do for your body and overall health is supply it with quality nutrition. Show me someone with bad eating habits and I’ll show you someone most likely with lots of stress, anxiety, depression, and possibly a few other health issues. Quality nutrition supplies our bodies with tons of vitamins and minerals and the stuff our bodies need to perform at optimal levels. Foods like lean cuts of meats and proteins help us build muscles and become more physically fit. Foods like vegetables and fruits, supply us with certain vitamins and minerals that have been proven to help us not just physically but improve our mental states also. A lot of people simply do not eat enough nutrients for their bodies to perform at its highest levels. Make an effort to eat a few times a day specifically starting off with something for breakfast. Don’t think breakfast is important? When we wake up for breakfast time, our bodies are already in a catabolic depleted state from sleeping the night before. The best thing you can do is “refuel” your body right away. Statistically it has been proven that people who eat breakfast outperform those who do not. While people who ate breakfast were shown to physically outperform those who did not, the real surprise was that people who ate breakfast cognitively outperformed those who did not by almost 50%.

Aim to get more sleep.

Sleep is important because it enhances recovery. Sleep helps you destress, improve mood, and lower your risk of some health problems. People who do not get adequate amounts of sleep have been shown to have anywhere from 19% and upwards loss in productivity in their work and daily lives. A lack of sleep has also been shown to increase aggression, irritability, weight gain, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Aim to get eight hours or as close to eight hours of sleep as possible. A few things you can do improve your sleep quality are:

Make sure you have a comfortable sleeping area

Make your room as dark as possible when you go to sleep

Turn off all electronic devices in your sleeping area. Blue light negatively affects proper sleep.

Take a quality relaxation and recovery supplement like ZMA before going to bed.

Spend less time on social media and more time being social.

Did you know people are interacting with each other less and less? While people are becoming more “social” on social media outlets, people are spending less time with interpersonal interactions. Recent studies have shown a massive drop in people’s interpersonal skills due to the rise in social media use. The average length of a conversation used to be around 27 – 30 mins. The average time of a conversation now is about 15-17 mins. One study from the Pew Research Center shows that from 2012 – 2018 amongst teens face to face communication has dropped from 49% to 32% and social media communication has gone up from 7% to 16%

Use the 2-1 Positive to Negative Rule.

Right now you are probably asking what is the 2-1 Positive to Negative Rule. The 2-1 rule is anytime you are feeling negative or in a negative mindset, for every negative thought or statement you make follow it with two positive thoughts or statements. You are what you constantly surround yourself with. If you want more positivity in your life then you need to make more positive thoughts and positive things present in your life.

Our outlook on life can be determined by many factors. If we want a more positive outlook then we should do certain things to help move us in that positive outlook. By changing a few simple things we can have a happier more positive outlook on life.

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