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Here at BodipHat Nutrition and Fitness our goal is to provide a unique experience called “Total Body Wellness”. Total Body Wellness is finding that balance of Mental, Nutritional, and Physical health. Each of our clients are treated as individuals and given a customized and unique experience towards health and wellness.

Meet our founders-
Berta Moniz

Over 15 years experience in the Health and Wellness field. Berta specializes in a balanced approach to nutrition and life. Berta has competed i n  numerous fitness competitions worldwide and ran in six different marathons, including the  New York and Boston Marathons As a nutritionist,personal trainer and competitive fitness athlete, Berta specializes in various forms of nutritional wellness. If you are in need of a nutritional plan then she can develop one for you, no matter your goals or needs. Some of her nutritional specialties include:

  • Special Dietary Needs Nutrition
  • Vegan Nutrition
  • Longevity Nutrition
  • Fitness Competition Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition

“Always Believe!!!”

Jarueba Taylor

Over 25 years of health and wellness experience. Jarueba (Jay) Taylor is an avid nutritionist, bodybuilder, contest prep Coach, strength coach, exercise rehab specialist, and nutritional supplement specialist. Jarueba’s strong suit is strength development and exercise rehabilitation. He is a certified physical therapist aide and a certified exercise rehab specialist. With his knowledge of the human body, fitness, and rehab he is able to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness.

Together these two have come together to give clients the unique BodipHat experience of Total Body Wellness. Every client is given their own individual experience tailored to successfully achieve their goals.

Read some of their clients testimonials here.

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