The goal at BodipHat is to give our clients that individual satisfaction that they seek. Not everyone is the same so all of our clients are handled as individuals. Each clients program is customized to their goals and needs. Everything is broken down and analysed to what works best for them.

Here is some of our clients results:

“My wife and I joined Bodiphat two months ago after I saw the results from a coworker that is a BodipHat member. Diets never worked out for either of us so we wanted to try something different. We were introduced to Jay and Roberta who welcomed us with open arms. They made us feel comfortable with their honesty and their ability to convince us that “They could help us attain our goals.” Not only did they motivate us, they are constantly educating us on health, fitness and our diet. The meal plan is SIMPLE to follow.It is NOT a diet. That’s right, SIMPLE. As a result of joining their program, me and my wife have shown considerable changes in our weight, body fat percentage and our attitude towards healthy eating. We are both in our mid fifties and were set in our ways with what we ate and when we ate it….SO WE THOUGHT. We are now laser focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are committed to taking better care of ourselves so we can enjoy many years with our granddaughter, THANKS TO JAY AND ROBERTA AT BODIPHAT!!! TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT!!!”
-William Phillips
 “BodipHat has everything I have been looking for in a gym. The facilities offer a variety of weights and machines as well as two amazing trainers, Jay and Roberta. The dynamic duo are more than just trainers, they offer support with health and nutritional needs. Whether you are looking to step on stage for a fitness competition or to gain better health and well-being, BodipHat and Jay and Roberta have all fitness/health areas covered.”
Katie Moskaluk Severino
“They gave me a butt. I have always had a pancake bottom and always wanted a little junk in my trunk. With Berta’s and Jay’s help, I not only got a bum but one that was round, solid and muscular. Now my girlfriends say they want a butt like mine now.”
-Linda Saratoga
“I just completed a 6 week program with Roberta and Jay.  I cannot say enough about this program.  Roberta was responsible for the nutrition end of the plan and took a considerable amount of time with me to create a meal plan that I enjoyed and was so easy to follow.  I trained with Jay once a week and was able to easily follow the routine on my own in my own gym and later he even created an at-home plan.  The two of these incredible leaders were the most amazing motivators and so dedicated to their business.  You can easily see that they have such a passion for what they do and their commitment to their clients surpasses anything I ever imagined.  I always felt like I was their only client because of the personalized treatment I received.  I am currently on the maintenance end of the plan now and I feel so good about myself.  I have not only lost weight but dropped inches successfully every week of the plan.  Roberta and Jay would never take “I can’t” for an answer.  Their faith in me is what got me through this program and allowed me to be so successful at the plan.  I would not hesitate to recommend Roberta and Jay to anyone that is ready to take this lifechanging journey.”

-Janet Surette

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