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Here at BodipHat Gym the concept is simple….work hard and lift some weights!!! When you walk thru the doors here, you feel something different. We are a weightlifter’s gym. With thousands of pounds of weights here, we live the montra “WE LIFT WEIGHTS HERE!!!” We have equipment here that is rare or not even seen at your typical gym.  At BodipHat Gym you can find a vertical leg press, a reverse hyper machine, a glute ham raiser, and various other pieces of unique equipment. We have unique training bars like the trap bar, swiss bar, cambered bar, safety squat bar, and trident bar plus dumbbells from 2-200 lbs. We also are loaded with functional equipment like truck tires, a prowler sled, battling ropes, and hundreds of pounds of kettle bells. If you love training hard and lifting weights…this is the place for you.

BodipHat Gym also offers

  • Low Monthly Membership rates
  • Daily Drop In Rates
  • One on One Personal Training
  • Monthly Personal Training Plans
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Powerlifting/Strength Programs
  • Total Body Wellness Programs
  • Goal Specific Training Programs
  • Exercise Rehab Programs
  • Fitness Competition Prep Programs
  • Nutritional Consultation and Plans





Due to COVID-19, the gym is currently on limited access for patrons. Only 7-10 non gym employees will be allowed access to the gym per hour and a half. No one will be allowed gym access with out a scheduled appointment. PEOPLE MUST PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE CLEANED, PLACED BACK WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM, AND WIPED DOWN AFTER USE. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP AND OR GYM ACCESS.. We ask that you be courteous of other people’s health, space and time. Get your workout in and be courteous of others and promptly exit the gym.

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